Corporate Accreditation

AASM Corporate Accreditation is available to entities that accredit multiple facilities with the AASM. Entities must either own or manage five or more sleep facilities or independent sleep practices. Each sleep medicine center maintains its own accreditation; however, corporate entities submit policies, procedures and protocols that are used for each accredited facility they oversee.


  • Quicker, easier application process – All corporate policies will be reviewed, approved, and automatically uploaded to each application. This reduces the time it takes to complete each application. Less time will be spent in application review and additional information requests, as documents have been reviewed and approved prior to application submission.
  • Discount on all accreditation applications – Customized discounts apply to new sleep medicine centers, currently accredited facilities, and those currently in progress. The discount is applied to each facility’s own application.
  • Syncing of accreditation dates and site visits – Reaccreditation dates will be modified so that all are on the same five-year cycle. The AASM will work with the entity to schedule site visits in the most convenient manner possible.


To start the corporate process, review the Protocols and Policies for Corporate Accreditation.

Ensure your corporate entity has the required minimum corporate policies. Optional policies can be submitted as Corporate, or when indicated, can be submitted with the individual facility application. Next, complete and submit the Corporate Accreditation Eligibility Form. The AASM then reviews all information to determine eligibility, and we will contact you once a decision has been made.

In brief, below is the Corporate Accreditation Process:

  1. Complete and submit the Corporate Accreditation Eligibility Form.
  2. If your entity is eligible for Corporate Accreditation, you will be provided with an online profile where you can upload all corporate documents.
  3. All documents will be reviewed by the AASM; additional information may be requested.
  4. Once all issues have been completed, your entity will be approved for Corporate Accreditation. You will be notified and given a corporate accreditation number.
  5. Include this corporate accreditation number in all applications. This will automatically upload corporate policies as well as apply the corporate discount.