The AASM would like to thank the following members who have recently donated to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Political Action Committee (AASMPAC).

  • Nancy Collop, MD
  • Amy Aronsky, MD
  • Ilene Rosen, MD
  • Ronald Chervin, MD
  • Steven Shea, MD
  • Susan Redline, MD
  • Margaret Moen, MD
  • Nathaniel Watson, MD
  • Patrick Strollo, MD
  • George Fahed, MD

As our members may know, AASMPAC is a bi-partisan political action committee which assists in supporting sleep medicine-friendly legislators in their Congressional elections. This support opens doors for expressing our viewpoints and the need for and value of sleep care services for our individual patients, sleep care research and the sleep-related public health implications.

By contributing to the AASM PAC, you shape the outlook of sleep medicine. If you would like to donate, please go to our webpage at: