Sleep Alertness and Fatigue Education in Residency (SAFER) was first developed by the AASM in 2006 in response to the need for education about the risks of sleep deprivation among medical residents and other health-care professionals working long shifts on call. The presentation addresses the costs of sleep restriction including depleted decision-making ability, lack of concentration, and increased risk of depression and mood swings, as well as strategies for managing sleepiness.

Recently, in an effort to ensure that SAFER provides institutions with updated information to meet Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) standards for resident duty hours, an AASM Task Force was established to review and revise the presentation. Now available in a convenient self-study multimedia format, the 25-minute, 2nd edition of SAFER is an essential tool for all teaching hospitals and institutions that wish to provide their staff with education about sleep deprivation in the health-care setting.

SAFER is available in two formats: as an online learning module, allowing a single individual to view the presentation online, or as a site license for institutions that wish to have the presentation available for unlimited viewing by staff. For questions about SAFER, please contact the AASM by sending an email to or calling 630-737-9700.