In January 2010, the AASM launched a comprehensive online Inter-scorer Reliability Testing Program that allows centers to easily evaluate the scoring ability of staff and to ensure that they are meeting AASM Standards for Accreditation regarding inter-scorer reliability. AASM-accredited centers have been invited to test the program; feedback from this free trial period has resulted in several significant improvements including:

  • Enhanced navigation abilities through the addition of successive epoch thumbnails;
  • Improved image resolution; and
  • Increased time limits to complete each exam (from 24 hours to 48 hours). 

With the addition of these features, the AASM has now opened the program for use by all facilities including non-accredited centers, research programs and technologist training programs. Sign-up now to receive a free 30-day trial! Additionally, accredited centers that have participated in the previous free trial may now subscribe to the program. To log in to an existing account and purchase exam credits or an unlimited annual subscription, click here.

Questions about the program may be directed to the AASM National Office at or 708-492-0930.