Over the last several weeks, the AASM has been providing members information about the 2012 election through the Weekly Update and special email alerts. The AASM felt it was important to supply members educational material since the presidency, 33 Senate seats and every Congressional seat was under challenge. This election was significantly important to the health care profession in general and specifically to sleep medicine practitioners since the fate of many essential health policy issues, including the Affordable Care Act and the Sustainable Growth Rate, could be affected.  

The AASM provided members links to the health policy positions for Governor Romney and President Obama. The AASM also sent health policy information to states that had a contested Senate race so members could be informed on the candidates health-related policies.  

We hope you found this information helpful when you filled out your ballet. Please visit the AASM’s website for more information about policy issues that matter to you and also check for regular news and updates in the Weekly Update.