The AASM offers an extensive line of professional sleep related products designed to help promote education on various topics. Products of interest to sleep professionals wanting to learn more on the topic of circadian rhythms are listed below.

Circadian Rhythms Brochure

This brochure addresses the body’s natural sleep/wake cycle, and gives patients a clear understanding of sleep disorders that are affected by circadian rhythms.

Sleep Center Management: A Comprehensive Manual

An essential guide for medical directors and those interested in establishing a sleep center or laboratory, this manual gives a complete overview of start-up considerations, reimbursement, clinical protocols and issues related to personnel and patients.

Archived Webinar CD-ROMs

AASM Sleep Education Series webinars provide viewers with timely information on the latest topics in the sleep medicine field. These 1-hour Web-based lectures, led by renowned sleep medicine professionals, allow viewers to learn about relevant issues in sleep medicine from their own home or office.

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