The American Academy of Sleep Medicine introduces Essential Readings in Sleep Medicine, a compendium of readings from the Academy’s official journals SLEEP and Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. The selected manuscripts, which include reviews, clinical guidelines, controversies and case studies, relate to the blueprint for the upcoming American Board of Medical Specialties examination in sleep medicine and are a helpful study resource.

A Technologist’s Handbook is a new publication intended to help sleep technologists implement The AASM Manual for the Scoring of Sleep and Associated Events: Rules, Terminology and Technical Specification in an everyday setting. The handbook includes several illustrations to accompany text as well as glossary of important terms. A Technologist’s Handbook is an excellent review for the BRPT certification examination, a comprehensive primer for those new to the sleep technology field, and a valuable resource for anyone seeking to learn more about scoring.

Order your copy of Essential Readings in Sleep Medicine and A Technologist’s Handbook in the AASM online store.