Your membership and the future of sleep medicine

The AASM would like to thank all of our members for supporting the field of sleep medicine and helping build a foundation for the future of sleep. Your membership dues allow the academy to advance the field through research and advocacy efforts. The science and research team, consisting of PhD-level staff and committee members, is continuously working to develop new standards and guidelines to help you deliver the highest quality of care to your sleep patients. A portion of your dues goes to provide a platform for your colleagues’ sleep research with the journals SLEEP and Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.

Your support also goes towards legislative advocacy efforts to ensure that the board certified sleep medicine physician remains in the center of care for patients with sleep disorders. AASM leadership and staff continues to be active in working with federal legislators to promote the Seniors Sleep bill, legislation that would require all Medicare patients receive a screening for sleep apnea during their initial physician visit. The AASM is also working with state sleep societies to ensure on a state level that sleep disorders patients receive proper care. AASM government advocates plan to meet in early 2015 with new house and senate members to advocate for issues that are important to sleep medicine.

In addition to supporting the field, by renewing your membership today, you will be able to your member benefits through 2015. Members receive special discounts on all AASM products and courses, including Sleep Medicine Trends 2015 and SLEEP 2015, which is returning to Seattle. Members also receive access to the latest cutting-edge sleep research in SLEEP and JCSM. Support the future of your profession and renew your AASM membership for 2015.

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