On Tuesday, April 28, 2020, the AASM hosted the free webinar, COVID-19 Health Policy and Legislative Update, presented by David Introcaso, PhD, vice president of regulatory policy for the health care consulting firm Strategic Health Care.

He provided an overview of the numerous COVID-19-related federal legislative and regulatory reforms enacted over the past two months, including the CARES Act and Medicare program changes that substantially expanded telemedicine coverage.

Some of the topics he discussed include:
• Overview of the CARES Act and follow-up legislation
• Accelerated payments and related funding opportunities.
• Medicare payment changes
• Waivers and guidelines
• Commercial insurance guidelines

Following the presentation, Dr. Introcaso also responded to live questions from webinar participants. You can contact the AASM by sending coding and reimbursement questions to coding@aasm.org, advocacy questions to policy@aasm.org, and COVID-19 questions to covid@aasm.org.

You can watch the 54-minute video below and use the following buttons to download Dr. Introcaso’s slides and his table outlining the major financial opportunities, new waivers and authorizations, tax provisions, and legal changes that impact health systems.

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