The AASM is pleased to announce a full program upgrade to the testing software for its online Inter-scorer Reliability (ISR) Testing Program! Now available on the January exam and all archived exams, the new testing program will provide users with a significantly improved exam experience through multiple scoring and viewing options. Features of the new program include:

  • Improved resolution: Choose to view the record in full resolution or to fit the maximum resolution of your screen.
  • No more need to scroll down to score each epoch: Provide your answers through the click of your mouse or using keyboard commands.
  • Increased scoring speed for one-pass or two-pass scoring: Use your numerical keypad to automatically advance to the next epoch if you prefer the two-pass scoring method of scoring stages first and returning to score events.
  • Improved ability to change epoch duration: Simply hit your space bar or select the epoch duration with your mouse to switch from 30-second to 120-second scoring windows.
  • Increased visibility of scores: Your current answers are now always visible on the screen and you can choose to make your stage score visible in the middle of the epoch. This feature will not only remind you not to score limb movement events during stage W, but will also be helpful when reviewing your scores or using the two-pass scoring method.
  • And more.

A sample of 20 epochs using the new testing program is now available on the ISR website along with a 9-minute video tutorial. Centers currently using the ISR testing program can begin scoring using the new program immediately and centers that have not used the program may sign up for a free 30-day trial. For questions about the ISR testing program, please contact the AASM national office by sending an email to or by calling 630-737-9765.