Talking Sleep Season 4

Episode 13

Sleep-Related Movement Disorders

Dr. Afifa Uzzaman, GUEST

In this episode of Talking Sleep, we’re talking with Dr. Afifa Uzzaman about sleep-related movement disorders. While some movements during sleep are benign, when they disrupt sleep or cause daytime symptoms, they become movement disorders that should be evaluated by a physician. Dr. Uzzaman also discusses potential relationships between sleep-related movement disorders and heart disease and the need for additional research into the long-term consequences of such disorders.

Afifa Uzzaman, MD, is director of sleep medicine of the VA Sleep Disorders Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and an associate professor of neurology and internal medicine at the University of Michigan. She previously was an internist and pediatrician and completed specialty training in movement disorders, which led to her additional training in sleep medicine.