Talking Sleep Season 4

Episode 12

Sleep Disorders in Women

Andrea Matsumura, GUEST

In today’s episode of Talking Sleep, we’re talking with Dr. Andrea Matsumura about sleep in women. She highlights the role that gender plays in the symptoms and diagnosis of sleep disorders, psychosocial factor impacting sleep in women, and how women’s sleep changes over the years. She also talks about the need to include more women in sleep research, noting that women weren’t included in studies of obstructive sleep apnea until 1993.

Andrea Matsumura, MD, MS, FACP, is a sleep medicine specialist in Portland, Oregon. She graduated from the University of Texas Medical School in San Antonio and completed her internship and residency at Providence Portland Medical Center. Dr. Matsumura practiced internal medicine for 12 years before completing her fellowship in sleep medicine at Oregon Health and Science University.