Study examines presenting symptoms of pediatric RLS

A study performed in two different regions of Europe examined presenting symptoms in children who have restless legs syndrome.  All 31 of the children mentioned an urge to move and sensory symptoms; however, they often described leg discomfort using expressions such as ants in the legs, spiders on the legs, or legs want to kick. While words such as ‘kick’ and ‘wiggly’ were used more often by children younger than 11, adolescents were more likely to mention a ‘tingling’ sensation. All children were tired or sleepy during the daytime; insomnia was mentioned by 61 percent of the children; and polysomnography revealed an abnormal periodic limb movement index in 81 percent of participants. According to the authors, many cases of pediatric RLS can be detected by collecting a detailed history from the parents and carefully listening to the description of the symptoms offered by the children.  The study results are published in the Oct. 15 issue of the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.

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