The American Academy of Sleep Medicine board of directors has developed a new position statement declaring that sleep is a biological necessity, and insufficient sleep and untreated sleep disorders are detrimental for health, well-being and safety. The statement supports the AASM vision that, “Sleep is recognized as essential to health.”

The statement emphasizes that there is a significant need for greater emphasis on sleep health in education, clinical practice, inpatient and long-term care, public health promotion, and the workplace. In recognition of sleep’s significant and multi-faceted connections to health and chronic disease, the statement outlines several positions supporting sleep health. The statement was endorsed by more than 25 medical, scientific, patient, and safety organizations.

The position statement has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. An in-press copy of the position statement, “Sleep is essential to health,” is currently available. The statement also will be posted soon as an accepted paper on the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine website.

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