On Saturday, June 6, Michael Littner, MD, and Teofilo Lee-Chiong, MD, will lead the "Best Practices in Sleep Medicine 2009" course. During this full-day course, an expert faculty will discuss the best practices for evaluating and diagnosing the most common sleep disorders in clinical practice and the best evidence-based and cutting edge evaluations and treatments for each of these disorders.

On Sunday, June 7, Douglas Kirsch, MD, will lead a postgraduate course entitled "Cases with a Twist: Perplexing Patients in Protypical Practice." During this half-day course, faculty members will review various complex cases of sleep related breathing disorders, restless legs syndrome, hypersomnias and parasomnias and identify what to do when you need to move beyond the typical algorithm of care.

Visit www.sleepmeeting.org for more information on these postgraduate courses and to register. Register by April 21 to save significantly on your general session registration.