The AASM has long been committed to educating members on future sleep care trends. The AASM is currently gathering information on state and federal laws and reimbursement policies for telemedicine services. The objective is to provide our members information on how to integrate telemedicine in a sleep practice. The AASM would also like to hear from our members who have a successful telemedicine program and willing to share your success with your colleagues.

We welcome any suggestions on how to create a successful telemedicine program. Some specific questions to consider are:

  • What are the necessary steps a physician should take when establishing a telemedicine program?
  • How does your office bill for telemedicine?
  • How does your office communicate with private payers about performing telemedicine services?
  • How are private payer’s requirements in your area different from one another and with government programs?
  • What resources could AASM provide to members to start a telemedicine program?

Please send information on your telemedicine program to Nina Pasha, the Government Affairs Coordinator, at or call 630-737-9700. Your suggestions will only be used for educational purposes.