This weekend the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) will host the first of its Board Review for Sleep Specialists courses in Chicago. Though the courses are sold-out, the AASM has several other resources available for sleep medicine specialists to utilize while preparing for the upcoming certification examination.

A set of five Webinars from the Board Review Series is now available at a special rate for members of $520 — buy four, get the fifth free — or $130 each. Non-members who purchase the five-piece set pay only $800 — a savings of $200 — or $200 for each CD-ROM. Topics addressed in the first set include Hypersomnia, MSLT, Pathophysiology of Sleep Apnea, Movement Disorders in Sleep and Behavioral Treatment of Insomnia. Visit the AASM Online Store at to place your order.

Take the Sleep Medicine Practice Exam to test your knowledge of sleep. The six-part online exam consists of 150 questions in a variety of topic areas and features instant feedback for each question, built-in reading list and printable summary guide so you can tailor your future study. Log on to the AASM Online Learning Center at to register for the Sleep Medicine Practice Exam.