Members of the AASM and the American Association of Sleep Technologists have until this Friday, March 23, 2012 to save on registration fees to the AASM’s Intermediate Sleep Center Management Series courses, Strategies for Successful Billing and Expanding and Improving Your Sleep Center. The courses will cover important updates on practice-related issues including:

Billing topics (covered on Saturday, April 21):

  • Interpreting insurance policies
  • Documentation
  • Claims submission
  • Denials and appeals
  • Fraud and abuse
  • Compliance plans
  • And more

Expanding and improving your business (covered on Sunday, April 22):

  • Review of AASM Integrated Accreditation by President-elect, Samuel Fleishman, MD
  • Adding DME and portable monitoring to your sleep center
  • Monitoring patient outcomes
  • Patient referrals
  • Recruiting and scheduling staff
  • Website and social media marketing
  • And more

The courses will be held April 21–22, 2012 at the AASM national office in Darien, IL (a suburb of Chicago). For full course information, including a course brochure, or to register, visit the Sleep Education Series portion of the AASM website. Questions may be directed to the AASM meetings department by sending an email to or by calling 630-737-9770.