In the field of sleep medicine, it is becoming common place for accreditation programs to be associated with one another either under a hospital, large health system or multi-clinic sleep practice. To improve the accreditation experience for accreditation programs that share commonalities, the AASM is introducing Accreditation Networks.

An Accreditation Network includes other sleep programs that may be under the same ownership/legal entity and operate under the same policies and procedures. Accreditation programs that are a part of the same Accreditation Network will:

  • Share specific information between applications (e.g., policies and procedures and staff)
  • Share the same accreditation expiration dates
  • Share the same site visit schedules
  • Be eligible to participate in volume pricing

On July 16, the AASM announced the release of updated Accreditation Process and Policies and an updated application interface that is effective July 26, 2021. Changes have been made in the Accreditation Process and Policies to introduce Accreditation Networks and include the processes for the above-mentioned benefits.  The AASM has developed Accreditation Process and Policies: At-a-Glance to summarize the major revisions that have been made to the Accreditation Process and Policies. All currently accredited entities and applicants are strongly encouraged to review these revisions.

Applicants who submit an accreditation application on July 26, 2021, or later will complete their application under the updated Accreditation Process and Policies and new application interface. Applicants currently in the accreditation process, who submitted their application prior to July 26, 2021, will complete the remainder of their application under the previous Accreditation Process and Policies and application interface.

This new Accreditation Network will replace the “Corporate Accreditation” program by the AASM. Entities that were approved under the previous “Corporate Accreditation” program will automatically have their accredited programs migrate to their Accreditation Network.

Please contact the Accreditation Department at  with any questions.

Updated July 22, 2021