The INternational COllaboration of Sleep Apnea Cardiovascular Trials (INCOSACT) Researchers is a newly formed collaboration of investigators interested in conducting randomized controlled clinical trials of sleep apnea treatment interventions that aim to adjudicate cardiovascular disease (CVD) event information.  This collaboration is intended to promote the collection of evidence needed to inform the global community on the role of sleep apnea interventions to reduce CVD morbidity and mortality.

INCOSACT was initiated as a “grass-roots” volunteer initiative. Membership is open to all investigators undertaking Phase II as well as Phase III trials of sleep apnea interventions for the reduction of CVD. Governance is through a Steering Committee with rotating membership every two to three years and with global representation. The AASM has agreed to serve as the host organization during the initial phases of this consortium.

INCOSACT will hold a meeting on April 6, 2011, from 1400 to 1750 in conjunction with the Sleep and Breathing Meeting-Barcelona. Subcommittees will be formed to help guide INCOSACT’s activities.  Individuals currently involved in or planning a Sleep-CVD trial are invited to participate in INCOSACT and/or attend the INCOSACT satellite meeting in Barcelona. Additionally, if you know of colleagues who are involved in these studies, please pass on the following information. Please notify Lisa Wallis ( if you are interested in:

  1. Attending the general session of the April 6 (1400-1750) INCOSACT meeting in Barcelona.
  2. Participating in INCOSACT. Provide name of clinical trial you are involved with, brief description of its study design and funding.
  3. Participating in one of the three subcommittees.