The Inter-scorer Reliability program is currently being updated based on feedback from users; the website will be down beginning at midnight (12:00AM CST) September 1st through September 5th, 2012. Participants will not be able to access the site or any records while the system is down; a notification will sent to all ISR participants when the site and September record is available.

Updates include: A completely redesigned user-friendly website; the ability to isolate channels, create custom montages and increase/decrease sensitivities; a scoring committee to promote more consistent scoring; and more!  View a video overviewing the changes to the program.

With the new upgrades, there will be a small price increase of $5 per credit. This price increase will not affect unlimited subscriptions. The additional features within the new ISR program represent another step forward in our continued product development and the increase quality we hope will be something users appreciate.

In 2010, the AASM launched its Inter-scorer Reliability Program to meet the accreditation standards for inter-scorer reliability. This program has saved numerous accredited center valuable time; over 80% of users would recommend this program to their colleagues.

If you are not currently using the AASM’s Inter-scorer Reliability Program, take advantage of the Free 30-day Trial to see how the program can help your center.