Every day we hear from our patients that the care they receive for their sleep disorders has transformed their lives.  The sleep health care provided by an expert team – captained by board certified sleep medicine physicians – improves their health, job performance, relationships and well-being. 

This story is familiar, and it’s our job to tell it. 

As we consider the many ongoing changes in medicine – the Affordable Care Act and larger numbers of patients with complex health issues– and witness an increasing number of patients with sleep disorders, it is clear that the AASM and our members continue to have a vital role in providing a continuum of care for sleep disorders patients, from diagnostic to therapeutic services to ongoing care.

At our recent meeting, the Board of Directors approved an aggressive public relations plan that brands the sleep team, promotes longitudinal care for patients with sleep disorders, and heightens awareness of sleep among the general public.  These objectives will be achieved through traditional media outlets in addition to engagement through social media and a new public-facing website.  As this campaign unfnews, I look forward to sharing details with you. 

This campaign is important as in the coming months we will launch initiatives designed to promote a comprehensive model for sleep health care and safeguard our clinical practices.  Next week I will tell you about these efforts, including a proposal to create a Safe Harbor for sleep-related durable medical equipment and plans to work closely with insurance companies on their sleep policies.