Hypnogram: Supporting sleep research

As a physician scientist, I recognize that sleep science is foundational to the AASM mission of improving sleep health and promoting high quality patient centered care. I believe that the clinical practice of sleep medicine always will be guided by scientific discovery.

Similarly, the AASM also places an organizational emphasis on the importance of sleep research. In 1998 the AASM established the American Sleep Medicine Foundation (ASMF), a charitable and scientific organization with the mission of enhancing sleep health for all. To date the ASMF has awarded more than $6.6 million in grants for sleep research, educational initiatives and humanitarian aid. Most of these grants have been funded by the AASM.

Realizing that the changing health care landscape makes strategic research and career development programs more important than ever, the AASM Board of Directors recently made a five-year, $10 million commitment to continue supporting ASMF initiatives. Last weekend at our Board of Directors meeting, I presented ASMF President Dr. Merrill Wise with a symbolic check for $2 million to represent the 2014 installment of this investment.

I look forward to the new funding opportunities that will be announced by the ASMF in the year ahead. I know that these grant programs will have a lasting impact on the sleep field.

You also can support ASMF initiatives by making a donation to the foundation. Because the AASM provides the funding for all of the foundation’s administrative costs, every dollar donated to the ASMF directly supports its grant programs.

Show your support for sleep research by making a donation to the ASMF today at www.discoversleep.org.

M. Safwan Badr, MD

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