Is your sleep medicine practice headed in the right direction?

The way we practice medicine is shifting rapidly. Broad changes in the U.S. health care system and technological advances in diagnostics, therapeutics and monitoring are having a dramatic impact on patient care. In this new era of patient-centered, value-based medicine, it is essential for sleep specialists to stay on the right course.

As the leader in sleep medicine and the professional society for sleep specialists, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine continues to equip you with the valuable resources and relevant tools that will help you navigate the future of sleep medicine in 2016. I invite you to join me on this journey by renewing your AASM membership today.

The AASM is helping you chart the course for your sleep practice by:

  • Publishing new clinical practice guidelines to address important facets of sleep medicine
  • Optimizing the standards for accreditation to maximize positive patient outcomes
  • Creating the Evolve Sleep web portal to give you centralized access to comprehensive professional resources
  • Launching a new sleep telemedicine platform in 2016 to improve patient access to your expertise
  • Advocating for a Stark Law exception to allow board certified sleep medicine physicians to provide PAP therapy to Medicare patients with OSA
  • Engaging federal and state agencies to enhance transportation safety by reducing the dangers of drowsy driving
  • Partnering with the CDC to improve population health by promoting healthy sleep

Keep your sleep medicine practice pointed in the right direction: Renew your AASM membership today.


Nathaniel F. Watson, MD, MSc