At the February 2012 meeting of the CPT Editorial Panel the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and a number of other specialty societies presented a proposal to add two new CPT codes for pediatric polysomnography and pediatric polysomnography with initiation of PAP. 

Historically, notification of the outcome of CPT proposals was not made public until the publication of the subsequent year’s CPT codebook.  This year, however, results of the February CPT meeting were published on the AMA website

The AASM is excited to announce to the membership that the CPT Editorial Panel accepted the AASM’s recommendation to establish two new pediatric sleep CPT codes.  The codes were created for services provided to patients younger than 6 years of age.  Polysomnography on patients ages 6 and older will continue to be coded using existing CPT codes 95810 and 95811.  The following information specific to the sleep code recommendation comes directly from the CPT Summary of Panel Actions document:

Tab #

Title of Request

Description of Request

Description of CPT Editorial Panel Action


Pediatric Polysomnography

Request to establish codes 958X1X and 958X2X to report pediatric polysomnography for children 5 years of age or younger

Accepted: 1) establishment of codes 958X1X-958X2X to report pediatric polysomnography for children younger than 6 years of age; 2) revision of code 95808 to include “any age” and codes 95810-95811 “age 6 years or older”.

Note: The actions described above reflect actions taken at the February 2012 meeting. Actions taken at future CPT Editorial Panel meetings may impact these actions.  Code numbers and exact wording of code descriptors will not be finalized until the publication of the 2013 CPT codebook. 

Members with questions about the implementation of the new pediatric sleep codes or how the impact the rest of the family of sleep codes should feel free to contact the AASM Coding and Compliance Department by email at