Deadline Extended: Submit SLEEP 2010 Session Proposals by Oct. 20 for Section Review

Get feedback about your session proposal for SLEEP 2010 before you submit it to the APSS Program Committee.

AASM section members are encouraged to submit their SLEEP 2010 proposals for postgraduate courses, symposia, discussion groups or clinical workshops by e-mail to the AASM national office by Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2009, attention William Wallis at All proposals should follow this template to ensure a complete proposal.

The proposals will then be reviewed by the Steering Committee of one of the following Membership Sections: Childhood Sleep Disorders and Development, Circadian Rhythms, Insomnia, Movement Disorders, Narcolepsy, Parasomnias, Sleep Related Breathing Disorders OR Sleep Deprivation.
Proposals may only be submitted to one membership section. Please indicate in your e-mail which section Steering Committee you wish to review your proposal.
The various membership section Steering Committees will provide feedback by Nov. 3, 2009. Revised session proposals should be re-submitted to William Wallis at by Nov. 9, 2009. At that time, the Membership Sections Committee will review all submitted session proposals and make recommendations to the APSS Program Committee.
Although you are encouraged to submit your session proposals to the Membership Sections Committee, as it may strengthen your proposal, it is not required. You may submit proposals directly to the APSS Program Committee. Submission of your proposal to the Membership Sections Committee in no way guarantees that your session will be accepted by the APSS Program Committee.

Regardless of whether or not they are reviewed by the Membership Sections Committee, all session proposals must be submitted to the APSS Program Committee via the online submission system at The deadline to submit a session proposal to the APSS Program Committee is Dec. 1, 2009.

Important Dates & Deadlines for SLEEP 2010 Session Proposals Submitted to the Membership Sections Committee

October 20, 2009
Session Proposals due to AASM for review by the Membership Section Steering Committees
November 3, 2009
Proposals will be returned for editing
November 9, 2009
Revised Session Proposals due to AASM for review by the Membership Sections Committee
December 1, 2009
Deadline for postgraduate course and scientific session submissions to be submitted to the APSS Program Committee
For proposal guidelines and additional information regarding conflict of interest and reimbursement, please view the APSS call for abstracts and session proposals.
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