The application deadlines are approaching for several grant opportunities from the American Sleep Medicine Foundation (ASMF). Get complete details on the ASMF website at about each of these 2012 grants:

Strategic Research
For the Strategic Research Award, the ASMF requests grant proposals for research aimed at improving quality of health care delivery in the field of sleep medicine. The ASMF will award up to two one-year grants in the amount of $75,000 each to chosen candidates. Applications are due by Jan. 17, 2012.

Educational Projects
Grant applications for the Educational Projects Award should propose projects to promote awareness of sleep and sleep disorders among the general public, health care professionals or medical students. The ASMF will award up to two one-year grants in the amount of $75,000 each to chosen candidates. Applications are due by Jan. 17, 2012.

Humanitarian Projects
The ASMF Humanitarian Projects Award supports projects that address sleep problems in disadvantaged populations, particularly projects that develop or promote novel approaches to address human suffering in under-served populations as it relates to inadequate or non-restorative sleep, or sleep disorders in disadvantaged groups. The ASMF will award one-year grants ranging from $1,000 to $20,000 for chosen projects. Applications are due by Jan. 17, 2012.

Bridge to K
The ASMF Bridge to K Research Award is a new opportunity for NIH K award applicants who fell just short of the NIH pay line. The grant will provide additional time and funding for recipients to collect further data in response to NIH critiques. Bridge to K recipients should plan to resubmit their NIH K award application within one year of receiving ASMF funding. The ASMF will award up to two $75,000 Bridge to K Research Awards per year. Applications for the award are due by Jan. 25, 2012.

In addition to these grant opportunities, the ASMF also is sponsoring the 2012 High School Topical Review in Sleep Science Contest. This contest for high school juniors and seniors recognizes excellence in the understanding of scientific research and in the preparation of a topical review paper related to the science of sleep and wakefulness or the effects that sleep disorders and insufficient/inadequate sleep have on health, academic performance, daytime alertness, and public safety. The first-place prize is a $1,000 savings bond and a trip for two to the SLEEP 2012 annual meeting in Boston. Submissions are due by Feb. 6, 2012.

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