To verify the performance of emerging sleep scoring technologies, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has created a two-year pilot program to evaluate and certify software that uses auto-scoring functionality to score polysomnograms. Applications will be accepted starting in late 2022 or early 2023.

The AI/Autoscoring Certification Program will independently verify the performance of auto-scoring systems. To obtain certification, the software must demonstrate accuracy that is equivalent or better than manual scoring. The pilot program is limited to sleep stage scoring.

“Artificial intelligence technology has opened the door for fast and accurate auto-scoring solutions that will become more readily available to AASM-accredited sleep facilities in the future,” said Dr. Anuja Bandyopadhyay, a pediatric pulmonologist and sleep physician at the Indiana University School of Medicine, and chair of the AASM’s Artificial Intelligence in Sleep Medicine Committee. “Sleep medicine professionals have a healthy skepticism about AI solutions since they are radically different than traditional manual scoring. This new certification program will assure users that the software has been tested and validated against stringent requirements.”

With the help of a statistician who specializes in inter-rater reliability, a methodology will be created to assess the performance of the scoring software using private, independent sleep study data scored by experts in the sleep field. This methodology will be shared prior to accepting vendor applications along with specific details for obtaining certification. Software that achieves certification will receive a digital and physical certificate that can be used for promotional purposes and be listed on the AASM’s website to identify that the software has passed the AASM requirements for certification.

Companies using auto-score technology that would like to learn more about the AI/Autoscoring Pilot Certification Program, can contact the AASM at


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