The American Medical Association’s Practice Management Center (PMC) invites its members to join a new effort that will help physicians fight for accurate health care claims payments and reduce the administrative costs involved in submitting claims. 

Cure for Claims Month is a campaign to heal the health care claims process and cut the national average of what physician practices spend on submitting claims from 10 to 18 percent to just 1 percent. The campaign urges physicians and their practices to, in November (when many health insurers unfairly hold back claims payment), hold payers accountable by reviewing and auditing claims for accuracy.

The AMA invites you to use the PMC’s online educational materials and tools. The PMC Web site offers a number of resources covering every aspect of managing a physician practice, ranging from contracting with insurers and setting a fee schedule to working through appeals and collections.

The hope is that this exposure will educate physicians on the financial benefits of appealing inappropriately underpaid and denied claims, create public awareness of the burdens that physician practices face because of inaccurate health insurer claims processing, and encourage health insurers to accurately process and appropriately pay claims.

Visit to access the PMC’s online resources. New tools are added frequently, so check back often for updates.