Affordable Care Act becoming more unpopular according to poll

A new Gallup poll shows that the Affordable Care Act is becoming increasingly unpopular only a few months before the law takes full effect. The survey found that 52 percent of respondents disapprove of the law, while 44 percent support it. A similar poll by Gallup last year found that 45% of respondents disapproved of the law and 48 percent approved.

The poll found a stark divide along political lines, with 90 percent of self-identified Republicans opposing the law and 75 percent of Democrats supporting it. Results also found:

  • 42% of residents thought the law would worsen their family’s health care situation;
  • 33% thought it would have little impact; and
  • 22% thought it would improve their situation.

Similarly, the poll found that in regard to the overall health care system:

  • 47% of residents thought the law would have a negative effect on the system;
  • 34% thought it would improve the system; and
  • 16% though it would not have an impact.

Further, 54 percent of those with insurance opposed the ACA while 54 percent of uninsured residents supported the law.

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