The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) is currently revising the Standards for Accreditation to include portable monitoring, and to ensure the standards and policies are current and objective. More information on the revisions will be communicated to members as the process develops.

Recognizing the distinct differences between portable monitoring and home sleep testing, the AASM has adopted portable monitoring as the official term for reference, although other agencies and organizations may use other terminology.

Many members have come to know Sally Neely, MD, Director of Policy and Standards during her almost three-year tenure with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). Yesterday was Dr. Neely’s last day with the AASM as she embarks on new professional opportunities, and we wish her the best with her new endeavors.

Effective today, Demaree Dufour takes on the role of Director of Policy and Standards for the AASM. All inquiries and questions regarding accreditation should be directed to Ms. Dufour at or (708) 492-0930, or Jennifer Markkanen, Assistant Executive Director, at or (708) 492-0930.