Sleep technologists and trainees will have the opportunity to obtain the Registered Sleep Technologist (RST) certification August 11-17. This year the American Board of Sleep Medicine will offer the Sleep Technologist Registry Examination at hundreds of testing locations across the United States. Individuals who intend to take the exam must submit a completed Sleep Technologist Registry Examination application to the ABSM before the July 2 deadline.

In order to better accommodate the needs of candidates, the ABSM will offer the exam at Kryterion Testing Centers, which have numerous locations in nearly every state. In addition, the exam will be offered at the candidate’s convenience over the course of a week-long testing window of August 11-17. View the Candidate Handbook for the Sleep Technology Registry Exam or the ABSM website for more information on the exam.  

The ABSM Sleep Technologist Registry Examination was developed to reflect the day-to-day responsibilities of the sleep technologist in a sleep center setting and instruction received from available didactic programs. The ABSM was established as an independent entity in 1989 and has extensive experience in the development and administration of examinations for sleep medicine professionals. In addition to the Sleep Technologist Registry Examination, the ABSM offers certification for Behavioral Sleep professionals and international sleep medicine physicians.