The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) board of directors expresses its deepest sympathies for the people of Japan, who endured a devastating earthquake and tsunami late last week.

The massive destruction caused by this natural disaster has taken an enormous toll on the country:  Thousands of people were killed, and millions more are currently without shelter, food, water or heat.

We are especially concerned for the safety of our Japanese colleagues and their families, as the AASM has almost 80 members in Japan who are sleep medicine clinicians, sleep researchers and other healthcare professionals.  Currently the AASM is attempting to contact them directly to find out what they need and to learn how we can be of assistance to them. 

Meanwhile, a coordinated, international effort is underway to assist the Japanese Red Cross in providing people with the basic necessities for survival.  The AASM urges all members to respond to this crisis by making a contribution to the relief agency of your choice.  A rapid and generous response by the sleep medicine community is needed today.

The AASM appreciates your support of the ongoing recovery and relief efforts in Japan.


Patrick Strollo, MD