Recent news coverage of sleep-related topics has included the expertise and insight of AASM members who have helped raise awareness of the importance of healthy sleep:

  • AASM President Dr. Ronald Chervin wrote about Insomnia Awareness Day in a blog post for the Huffington Post.
  • Jeffrey Ellenbogen, MD, wrote about the importance of the circadian system in a New York Times letter to the editor.
  • Shalini Paruthi, MD, and Sudha Tallavajhula, MD, discussed pillow selection with Women’s Health.
  • Cathy Goldstein, MD, initiated a sleep challenge at the University of Michigan.
  • Mark Pressman, PhD, discussed with the New York Post how sleep apnea may be used as a legal defense.
  • Lisa Medalie, PsyD, and Bharati Prasad, MD, discussed the importance of sleep quality with the Chicago Sun-Times.
  • A column in the San Diego Union-Tribune explained how the middle-school son of Cheryl Spinweber, PhD, was inspired to study sleep and school start times.
  • Saul Rothenberg, PhD, and Robert Oexman, DO, offered tips for adjusting to daylight saving time to HealthDay.
  • Nidal Alkurdy, MD, discussed the health impact of sleep disorders with the Mankato Free Press.

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