The American Academy of Sleep Medicine congratulates top reviewer Jacob Collen, MD, and the other 10 reviewers who made the greatest contributions in 2018 to the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, which is the official peer-reviewed publication of the AASM.

The top reviewers were identified by Editor-in-Chief Nancy Collop, MD, based on the number of reviews they performed, the percentage of requests they accepted, and their timeliness.

The top JCSM reviewers of 2018 are:

  • Jacob Collen, MD
  • Lee Brooks, MD
  • Michael Coppola, MD
  • Sally Davidson Ward, MD
  • Lourdes DelRosso, MD
  • Vishesh Kapur, MD, MPH
  • Douglas Moul, MD
  • David Neubauer, MD
  • Thomas Penzel, PhD
  • James Rowley, MD
  • Skai Schwartz, PhD

Visit the volunteer opportunities webpage to learn more about becoming a JCSM manuscript reviewer.