All AASM 200-Epoch Scoring Reviews have received a full system upgrade to more closely resemble professional scoring software. The 200-Epoch Scoring Review upgrade mirrors the changes to the AASM Inter-scorer Reliability program from January. Both systems offer a greatly improved testing experience with larger records, the ability to score from a 120-second view and keyboard commands for faster scoring. Try the Inter-scorer Reliability interactive demo to experience the updated 200-Epoch Scoring Review system.

Each 200-Epoch Scoring Review consists of a set of 200 consecutive epochs from a clinical sleep recording (originally released through the AASM’s online Inter-scorer Reliability Testing Program). Users will practice scoring sleep stage, arousals, limb movements and respiratory events and have the opportunity to compare their results with ISR program participants and to view a one-hour record review presentation that guides users through the most challenging epochs from that record.

Each 200-Epoch Scoring Review is available for six months and will offer the chance to earn up to 1.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit per record. For more information about 200-Epoch Scoring Reviews, visit the AASM Online Learning Center.