Facility Membership

Effective October 1, 2024 (2025 membership year) Facility Membership benefits will be modified to align with the new model of accreditation.  Facility Membership offers a component-based structure with Facility Membership being tied to each Accreditation Program Component.

Facility Membership Benefits

Facility member benefits have also been refined to support the component-based structure.

  • Use of AASM Logo
  • Featured Directory Listing on sleepeducation.org
  • Media Relations Toolkit for each component type
  • Discounted Patient Education Brochures (Free Personalization)
  • Coding & Compliance Support from AASM Staff
  • Access to the Guidelines at a Glance e-book (Clinical Practice Guidelines & Clinical Guidance Statements)
  • Online Career Center Job Postings
  • Discount on Reaccreditation
  • Reduced Individual Dues for Accreditation Network Staff
  • Discount on Sleep ISR Subscriptions
  • (NEW) A print copy of the Guidelines for the Practice of Sleep Medicine resource will be provided to the Lab component once per accreditation term.
  • (NEW) Discount on reaccreditation for A-STEP provider accreditation. A-STEP educational programs with facility membership can earn a max discount of $1,000 ($500 per year) per two-year term, which would result in a total A-STEP provider reaccreditation fee of $500.

Facility Membership Fees

The fee structure of Facility Membership aligns with the component-based structure.

Facility Membership Fee (Per Year)

$600 $400 $200 $200 $200