Montage  |  Winter 2018 (Volume 3, Issue 4)

What’s in this issue?

The transition into a new year offers many opportunities for growth. In this issue, we focus on the different ways our members have grown and their continued impact on sleep medicine.

Dr. Binal Kancherla

Children’s Sleep Center Expands to Meet Rising Demand

Dr. Binal Kancherla is a clinic physician at Texas Children’s Sleep Center, one of the few accredited sleep centers in the country specializing in children’s sleep disorders. Over the next 5 years, the center is undergoing an expansion that will include the addition of beds, providers, nurse practitioners, and sleep technologists. Dr. Kancherla is also a member of the AASM Public Safety Committee.

Binal S. Kancherla, MD
Pediatric Pulmonology at Texas Children’s Hospital
Sleep Medicine Program Assistant Medical Director

Featured Articles

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Dr. Jennifer Marsella discusses her experience with REM and how you can get involved.

Why Social Media Should be in Your Professional Toolkit

Dr. Brandon Peters discusses how and why you should consider adding social media to your professional toolkit.

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Discover findings of interest in popular sleep journals, catch up on recent articles about sleep, and see what AASM members have been featured in the news.

AASM Foundation

The AASM Foundation recently awarded over $1.3 million to support sleep investigators across the country. Read what the funded projects will focus on.


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