Careers in Sleep Medicine

Sleep has an impact on every aspect of daily life. It affects your alertness, performance, physical health, and mental wellness. As you wrap up high school and start college, you’ll no doubt start to think about what career path is right for you.

When you choose to work in sleep medicine, you’re choosing to help millions of people. Watch the video to hear from leading professionals on why a career in sleep medicine is both rewarding and important.

Explore a Variety of Careers

The field of sleep medicine offers several interesting and exciting career options. Some careers include sleep physicians, surgeons, scientists, dentists, technologists, and psychologists. Each of these jobs requires different skills, education, and training. All of these careers allow you to have a positive impact on the health and well-being of others. Sleep is a growing field with more jobs available each year.

Why Choose Sleep?

Sleep medicine professionals provide vital medical care and promote healthy sleep habits. They also conduct research to improve the quality of sleep health care.

An estimated 70 million Americans experience a sleep disorder. Sleep disorders are linked to a variety of health problems. These include depression, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and stroke. By choosing to work in one of the many jobs available in sleep medicine, you’re improving the health of millions of people.

Helpful Tools

Use this bedtime calculator to determine the best time to go to bed and achieve optimal sleep health.

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Sleep is an essential part of being happy, healthy, and successful!

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