Montage  |  Fall 2018 (Volume 3, Issue 3)

What’s in this issue?

Most successful endeavors start with thoughtful planning. In this issue of Montage, we look at the planning process from a few unique perspectives. We report on the first AASM-accredited sleep center on Native American land, we learn about how one sleep technician’s own sleep disorder helped her plan a specific career path, and we go behind the scenes to see how some AASM member resources are made to help them plan and execute their own career objectives.

Sleep Health for Apaches

Established in August 2017, San Carlos Apache Healthcare Corporation is a tribally owned and operated organization serving members of the San Carlos Apache Tribe in Eastern Arizona. Fully accredited by the AASM, this sleep center is located on a Self-Determination Native American Reservation and serves approximately 16,000 Apache Tribal Members. 

Troy Sebastian, MSHCA, RPSGT, RST
Sleep Disorders Center – Director
San Carlos Apache Healthcare Corporation

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