AASM Membership Sections Newsletter Issue #3
American Academy
of Sleep Medicine
Dr. Jacobowitz completed the
medical scientist training pro-
gram at Mount Sinai School of
Medicine and graduated with
a PhD in pharmacology and
an MD degree. He performed
his postgraduate training in
otolaryngology/head and neck
surgery at Mount Sinai Medical
Center. He is board certified in
otolaryngology/head and neck
surgery, as well as sleep medicine
and has been in private practice
in Middletown, NY for the last
decade. He serves as the associ-
ate director of the center for sleep
disorders at Orange Regional
Medical Center and is an assistant
professor at Columbia University
in New York. His clinical focus
is the diagnosis and multimodal
treatment of sleep-related breath-
ing disorders, including advanced
surgical techniques. His research
interests are the diagnosis and
surgical treatment of OSA as well
as hypoglossal neurostimulation
for OSA. He has published peer-
reviewed research and review
articles on OSA and serves as a
reviewer for journals. He enjoys
teaching externs from the Massa-
chusetts Institute of Technology,
residents and medical students.
His hobbies include photography
and Taekwon Do martial art.
As the Membership Sections Committee chair, I wish to welcome you
to explore the third issue of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine
AASM) Membership Sections’ newsletter!
Your sections represent the many disciplines within sleep medicine
and each of the eight membership sections has a steering committee.
The steering committees’ chairs and an AASM board liaison form the
Membership Sections Committee (MSC). Together, we work to com-
municate membership issues to the Board of Directors, foster discus-
sions between our members and help promote the AASM’s mission
within our communities.
Your steering committees are comprised of leaders within their
fields, clinicians and researchers who engage in recommending edu-
cational programs as well as updates to clinical guidelines and the
We are also involved in the AASM initiative to
develop comprehensive process and outcome metrics for sleep disor-
ders, in order to best serve our patients and highlight the value of work
in our specialty.
Your section committees have planned exciting and relevant meet-
ings for SLEEP 2013. There have been changes within our respective
areas and globally to the practice of medicine. We will present updates
on standards of practice,
out of center sleep testing, current
research and provide opportunity for discussion. We will continue
the annual tradition to present the section investigator awards. Please
review the various section meeting agenda in this newsletter and come
meet your fellow section members at our meeting in Baltimore.
We hope that you enjoy reading this newsletter and find it informa-
tive. We would very much like to know how we may best serve you.
Please contact us at
with any feedback.
See you in Baltimore…
Message from the Chair
Membership Sections, Chair:
Ofer Jacobowitz MD, PhD, FAASM