AASM Membership Sections Newsletter Issue #2
American Academy
of Sleep Medicine
Circadian Rhythms Section
R. Robert Auger, MD
Katherine M. Sharkey, MD, PhD
Tina Burke, PhD
John H. Herman, PhD
Accomplishments of the Section
A small but enthusiastic audience at SLEEP 2012 attended the Circadian
Rhythms Section Meeting. Among the highlights was a presentation by
the Section Investigator awardee, Ron C. Anafi, MD, PhD, of the Uni-
versity of Pennsylvania. Dr. Anafi gave a fascinating talk on “Assessing
Circadian Phase in Human Subjects Using Limited Peripheral Blood
Measurements,” a very timely topic for those who
yearn for more convenient and less arduous phase
assessments in clinical and research arenas. A data
blitz rounded out the meeting (where several section
members presented their latest data), and highlighted
the exciting and diverse nature of current circadian
rhythms research.
Apart from the section meeting, attendees likely
noticed robust representation of circadian rhythms
topics throughout the scientific sessions. From a
full-day postgraduate course to a clinical workshop
to oral presentations, numerous poster presentations,
and “Bench to Bedside” and “Meet the Professor”
sessions, circadian rhythms gained equal footing with
other sleep-related topics. Many of these offerings ap-
peared courtesy of the efforts of your Steering Com-
mittee and section members’ input.
Proactive efforts to enhance circadian rhythms
clinical practices ensue. The American Academy of
Sleep Medicine (AASM) intends to publish an up-
dated version of the
International Classification of
Sleep Disorders
in 2013. Dr. Auger (section Chair) serves on the expert
panel for the circadian rhythms section of this publication, and sec-
tion Vice-Chair Dr. Sharkey, as well as other section members, provided
valuable input on early drafts. Physiologic assessments of circadian
phase will receive a heavier emphasis in
which will undoubt-
edly spur further research (as that produced by Section Investigator
awardee Dr. Anafi), as well as concerns regarding reimbursement. Mem-
bership communication will be important during this time of change.
Field-based circadian rhythms studies with direct application into the
clinical arena are still greatly needed. Drs. Auger and Sharkey are serv-
ing on an AASM Task Force to produce an updated circadian rhythms
clinical practice guideline.
Dr. Ron C. Anafi accepts the Section Investigator Award
from Dr. R. Robert Auger, Chair of the Circadian Rhythms
Membership Section.