AASM Membership Sections Newsletter Issue #2
American Academy
of Sleep Medicine
Dr. Jacobowitz completed the
medical scientist training pro-
gram at Mount Sinai School of
Medicine and graduated with a
PhD in Pharmacology and an
MD degree. He performed his
postgraduate training in Oto-
laryngology/Head and Neck
Surgery at Mount Sinai Medical
Center. He is board certified in
otolaryngology/ Head and Neck
Surgery, as well as Sleep Medicine
and has been in private practice
in Middletown, NY for the last
decade. He serves as the associ-
ate director of the center for sleep
disorders at Orange Regional
Medical Center and is an assistant
professor at Columbia University
in New York. His clinical focus
is the diagnosis and multimodal
treatment of sleep-related breath-
ing disorders, including advanced
surgical techniques. His research
interests are the diagnosis and
surgical treatment of OSA as well
as hypoglossal neurostimulation
for OSA. He has published peer-
reviewed research and review
articles on OSA and serves as a
reviewer for journals. He enjoys
teaching externs from the Massa-
chusetts Institute of Technology,
residents and medical students.
His hobbies include photography
and Taekwon Do martial art.
It is a pleasure and an honor to welcome you to the latest issue of the
American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s Membership Sections Newsletter.
Your membership sections’ steering committees represent diverse fields
in sleep medicine and function to foster discussions among members
and to facilitate communication between section members and the
Board of Directors.
The section’s steering committee members work throughout the year
to provide and promote education and engage our members. For this
newsletter, your section steering committee members prepared a variety
of interesting articles on topics including new research, relevant practice
issues, health policy and clinical vignettes. Your section committee is
also charged with planning exciting section meetings at the SLEEP 2013
conference in Baltimore. As such, the sections’ meetings will include
presentations on timely clinical and scientific topics, and for some,
discussions and debates on controversial issues. The section abstract
awards will also be presented at the section meetings, so please attend
and support your colleagues! We would very much like to solicit your
participation by proposing topics and feedback about the section meeting
and newsletter, so kindly contact your respective section steering
committee members.
The MSC and section committees would very much like to foster
communication between our members and with leaders within the
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We hope you enjoy reading our publication. Your section steering
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us about issues of importance to you and how we may best serve you.
You may contact us at
or at our individual
email addresses. If you haven’t joined a section, I would invite you
to join today.
Message from the Chair
Membership Sections, Chair:
Ofer Jacobowitz MD, PhD, FAASM