AASM Membership Sections Newsletter Issue #2
Movement Disorders Section
Mauro Manconi, MD, PhD
Denise Sharon, MD, PhD
Lynne Marie Trotti, MD
Brian Koo, MD
Xiang Gao, MD, PhD
The movement disorder section steering committee
includes: Mauro Manconi (Chair), Denise Sharon
Vice-Chair), Lynn Marie Trotti, Brian Koo and
Xiang Gao. As the acting chair, I would like to thank
members of the previous group (Art Walters (Chair),
Norma Cuellar (Vice-Chair), Steve Duntley, Marco
Zucconi, Denise Sharon) for a wonderful job.
The group had a successful meeting at SLEEP
where Dr. Sharon introduced Dr. Koo, who
was selected as the winner of the Section Investigator
Award. Dr. Koo presented his interesting results on
the relationship between periodic limb movements
during sleep and heart rhythm abnormalities (Peri-
odic Limb Movements during Sleep and Nocturnal
Cardiac Arrhythmia: Outcome of Sleep Disorders in
Older Men (MrOS) Study).
The topics of the cardiovascular risk associated
with restless legs syndrome (RLS), together with the
pathogenic role of periodic limb movements during
sleep (PLMS) remain the most intriguing issues in
the field of sleep related movement disorders. At-
tendees participated with interest and enthusiasm
as a spirited discussion ensued. In the same meeting
Dr. Art Walters provided an update on the status on
the revision of the
International Classification of Sleep
ICSD-3), which recently passed through
the last revision by an external reviewer indicated by
the MSC. The committee discussed possible propos-
als for symposia and discussion groups for SLEEP
in Baltimore. Among the topics which stimulat-
ed particular interest were: psychiatric co-morbidity
in RLS; RLS and hypoxia; RLS and pregnancy; animal
models of RLS; and cardiovascular diseases and RLS.
Further proposals are welcome and the committee
will evaluate them carefully, providing insight and
revision where necessary before going before the
scientific board.
The main goals of the new Committee for the up-
coming year will be to increase attendance and inter-
est in sleep related movement disorders, to promote
education and scientific initiative in the same field
and to promote investigation of sleep-related move-
ment disorders other than RLS and PLMS. In partic-
ular we think that to understand the etiology of sleep
related movement disorders we need to encourage
prospective population-based studies on the clini-
cal side, and the creation of reliable animal model of
diseases on the basic side. An attempt to establish a
close collaboration between basic and clinical science
on the topic of sleep related movement disorders will
be one of the purpose of the present committee.
We wish to thank the active members of the
movement disorders section for the participation of
our previous meetings and for all their suggestions
and comments provided in the past and for those
that will come.
Accomplishments of the Section