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Final Board Prep Course

In need of one last review of materials? The Final Board Prep Course offers a one-day solution for those looking to put the finishing touches on their studies for the Board Exam. Last hosted in 2017, attendees were pleased with the detailed presentations and helpful tips and tricks for the exam.

Here is what one attendee shared after the conference:

I attended the 2017 ISR Course, the 2017 Board Review Course, and the 2017 Final Board Prep Course, all in preparation for the MOC Exam. In all three events, the speakers did a great job of following the exam blueprint. The presentations were very organized and the speakers were well-prepared. I found the audience response activities to be especially helpful. I would highly recommend these courses to sleep medicine professionals who are preparing for board exams, particularly if they learn best in a classroom environment.” – Steve Kubas, MD

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