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Products and Services

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) Standards for Accreditation outline various requirements that a sleep facility must maintain through the life of their accreditation. The services shown below may assist your facility to stay compliant with the AASM Standards for Accreditation:

2016 accreditation reference manual support services

2016 Accreditation Reference Manual

The 2016 Accreditation Reference Manual includes instructions for setting your policies for compliance with the 2016 Standards for Accreditation and customizable sample policies that can be easily revised to incorporate your facility’s specific policies.

inter-scorer reliability ISR

Inter-scorer Reliability

Utilize AASM’s Inter-scorer Reliability as an easy way to fulfill Standard F-7, Inter-scorer Reliability and B-9, Sleep Technician and Technologists Continuing Education. Learn more about how AASM Inter-scorer Reliability can simplify your process in fulfilling these standards.

CME credit support services

Continuing Medical Education Credit

Attend upcoming conferences to earn continuing medical education credits to fulfill standards B-4, B-6 and B-7 of the 2016 Standards for Accreditation.

aasm sleeptm telemedicine platform


Provides patients, sleep medicine organizations and providers with a state-of-the-art, sleep-specific telemedicine platform. Find out how to implement this in your practice today. AASM SleepTM Select is provided as a member benefit for all accredited member facilities.

aasm clinical practice guidelines

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Purchase a copy of the AASM’s Clinical Practice Guidelines for inclusion in your policies and procedures manual, as required by Standard E-1.

welltrinsic sleep network accreditation support services


Welltrinsic is a sleep medicine education and services group that provides content designed by sleep professionals to help employers promote a healthier workforce. Employee participants in the Welltrinsic Sleep Wellness Program complete assessments, and those deemed at risk for a sleep disorder will be recommended to see a board-certified sleep medicine physician who is part of the Welltrinsic Physician Network.