Auto-Scoring Certification: Sleep Stage Pilot Program

In order to usher in auto-scoring solutions to accredited sleep facilities in a systematic manner, the AASM’s Board of Directors approved a plan to create a two-year pilot certification program for software that has auto-scoring functionality.

The pilot certification is limited to sleep stage-scoring.

The certification program’s purpose is to independently verify the performance of auto-scoring systems.

Here are some of the benefits of the AASM Auto-scoring Certification for Software Industry Vendors:

  • The pilot will enable increased transparency to users of autoscoring devices by supplying an independent evaluation of real-world performance, thus building confidence amongst accredited facilities.
  • The AASM is a trusted source for setting Standards in the field of Sleep.
  • To obtain certification, software must demonstrate accuracy that is equivalent or better than human scorers.
  • Software that achieves certification will be given a digital and physical certificate that can be used for promotional purposes and be listed on AASM’s website to assure AASM members that the software has passed AASM requirements for certification.
  • The Auto-scoring Certification’s focus is limited to sleep staging in the pilot phase. There is the potential to expand the program to validate additional scoring parameters within the PSG including event scoring, as well as the opportunity to provide oversight for the autoscoring of Home Sleep Testing (HST) devices.
  • For the pilot program, applications will be open through the end of 2023 and certification will be valid for two years from the date of issue.


Companies with autoscoring software that can provide stage scoring from the analysis of in-lab Polysomnograms.

No, any software which can analyze a sleep study and meets Certification Standards is eligible for Certification.

The Certification Standards button lists the requirements that must be met to pass certification. If a software passes, the applicant is given a digital and physical certificate that can be used for promotional purposes and the software will be listed on AASM’s website.

Contact the AASM autoscoring staff at  prior to applying to the program to request the Certification Guide, Certification Standards, and Application.

For additional information and to submit your application, please contact the AASM Autoscoring Certification staff at or (630) 737-9700.